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Twin Babies | Tips for Photographers by Stevie Cruz Photography


I absolutely adore photographing babies. They are my calling, my passion, my challenge and my love, really can’t get enough of it! The majority of the babies I photograph are single births however, with multiples or twin babies you never really know how things are going to go. Every newborn is different and, with twin babiess, I can always plan on both babies having different temperaments. There typically tends to be an easy one and then a not-so-easy one! I get asked all the time how to get those adorable twin baby pictures, and I’m going to be honest, it isn’t always easy and is a lot of work. But with a few simple steps they tend to be great sessions and produce perfect images that parents simply adore.

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Tip #1: Take your Time Posing

Patience with all newborn photography is critical. My sessions last 2-4 hours with lots of soothing, bouncing, rocking and feeding with little capturing time. Typically half the time of my sessions is allocated to settling the newborn into the pose desired. These little subjects are always in charge and I bend my back to keep them happy, literally. With twin babies, you need double the patience.

Tip #2: Hire an Assistant

An assistant is critical in my opinion for any session with twin babies or multiples. This is the same for any milestone session or family session with lots of little personalities. It is much easier than trying to handle both babies yourself.


Tip #3: Did you know Posing which Baby on the ‘left’ matters? 

I have heard from numerous parents of multiples that posing the babies left to right matters. This is true as when parents list their names they typically do it in birth order. Think of the baby announcement, Baby A is typically listed first so it is best to pose baby A on the left side of the frame.

Tip #4: Take Individual Photos

It works great to start with photographing one baby and then “adding” the other. I generally will begin with “baby A” capturing the baby individually so that “baby B” can be “stacked” or posed next to the first baby. Then I will remove “Baby A” and capture “Baby B” solo in the same pose. This is a great way to maximize your time as well. And parents always want individual images of each baby so that they can remember their tiny little detail differences.

Tip #5: Together Photos

Of course, with twin babies you always need together photos and the more snuggled the better. When “stacking” the babies be sure and have both of their faces facing forward so the details of each is perfectly displayed. Remembering to be very patient and let them settle into this pose. This is also where having an assistant is handy so that they can keep their baby’s arms and legs in place if needed until they settle. Twins are usually very comfortable snuggled up to each other on their backs.

Tip #6: Focus and Framing

Of course, you will want to be sure that both babies are in focus. I typically photograph with a low aperture. If the babies eyes are on the same plane, then it shouldn’t be an issue. However if they are not then the method I prefer is to change my focus point onto each baby and then combining the images in editing. It is always great to get the full body shots and then move in closer to show all their details.


Being a newborn photographer means having patience but very worth it in the end! And sometimes you have to go with what the babies are going to give you. Either way, parents will always treasure having these images to show their tiny details and differences in their little babes!

headband from Dream Baby Design and bonnets from Buzy Bee Studio

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