6 Month Milestone Pictures in Orange County

6 Month Milestone Pictures in Orange County | Outdoor Photography by Stevie Cruz Photography


6 Month Milestone Pictures are so important to me as a mom. I cherish those faint memories as I try and recall what my kids were like back when they were this age. This “baby” stage passes all to quickly from the constant diaper changes, feedings and sleepless nights its no wonder that we can barely remember this stage. I highly suggest documenting your little one as they reach the stage of sitting unassisted, capture their moments. Capture their smiles. Capture their serious faces and do capture their tears too. Savor this age for it is the stage of innocence.

What memories do you want to recall when thinking back about your kids? How many pictures do you have to savor the stage? I know I too lack when it comes to capturing my kids so 2015 is going to be my year to do better and take more videos and still pictures of my own kids. Hold me to this resolution, please do it !Enjoy these 6 Month Milestone Pictures taken outdoors before sunset in Orange County:


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