Want to Better Your Camera Skills?

Stevie Cruz Photography takes pride in teaching other aspiring photographers and mothers how to take better pictures. Read below to learn more about both classes.

To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor. – Stacey T. Hunt

Learning to shoot in Manual Workshop with Stevie Cruz Photography | Camera Talk

Do you have a desire for Learning to shoot in Manual mode? Well lets Chat! I LOVE Photography and I love inspiring others. As a mom I appreciate all kinds of pictures, by that I mean I love taking pictures on my “big girl camera” and I love snapping pictures on my cell phone. Both types of pictures have a place in my heart. I am here to encourage and inspire you to take out that “big girl” and tell it what you want it to do! 

During this 3 hour class I will teach you how to achieve results you will love. I will teach you about the exposure triangle, metering modes, white balance, camera angles, camera settings, camera terminology, ideal consumer labs to print with and more! Tell me you are not excited about learning to *rock* your camera?!

Next Class Dates:

SATURDAY, February 25th **SOLD OUT**


SUNDAY, June 4th **SOLD OUT**

Hear what others are saying from their experience:

"The "aha" moment for me today was creating the blurry background. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out at home. I have a lot of practicing to do, and I'm really excited to get started tomorrow in some natural light! Thanks Stevie!!"  -- Leslie P.

"Stevie, your class was amazing! Wish I would have taken this sooner so I would have started taking better pictures without the flash. I rely on the flash so much because I don't know how else to take the pictures without it blurring. So happy I found you and your class, I actually learned a lot and in love with the metering. I can't wait to practice all that I learned today.  Thanks again." -- Jennifer T.

"Thanks so much for the awesome class today Stevie! Can't wait to order my prime lens and start practicing for reals" -- Jennifer R.

"Thank you so much for today! Looking forward to learning more from you in the future!" -- Becca A.


Are you looking to grow as a photographer? Are you missing that one “piece” to making your business soar? I am excited to announce that I will being mentoring with my talented friend Meagan Ready Photography. Of course who doesn’t love the feeling of inspiring others? Mentoring sessions are tailored to the aspiring photographer. I often have inquiries asking questions about my branding, which camera I use, how I started my photography business or various other aspects of photography. This has led me to a co-collaboration with Meagan Ready Photography, “Blossom” co-creates simple guides to aid those aspiring photographers as well as 2-day workshops focused on newborn posing and business aspects of the career. Many that follow my journey will agree that I am an open-book. When you sit and chat with me you will have the chance to get to know me and my passion. I will share with you what did and didn’t work when starting out. During the workshop attendees have the change to discuss unlimited topics including: camera equipment & lenses, workflow, post-processing, vendors, branding, marketing, portfolio critiques etc.

To find out more about Blossom click here