Anaheim Hills Family Photography by Stevie Cruz

Anaheim Hills Family Photography by Stevie Cruz


Photographing for families is exciting and rewarding as a mom, especially when I can do it locally in my area of Anaheim Hills, CA. I am a huge fan of “letting the kids be kids” and not forcing them to sit and smile. Photography after all is about capturing a moment, its a time that is here and gone all to quickly. I was fortunate to be able to capture these sweet moments for a local mom and photographer, Laura Hulse. Her family is adorable as you can see. I was only with them for a short time but I quickly realized both girls have energetic and fun personalities.

As part of my session, I love to follow up with clients and find out how they perceived the session. I ask Laura to summarize the session and this is what she emailed me, “We had a pretty flustered afternoon leading up to family photos- I am sure some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about…  Family pictures can be that way. As a matter of fact, getting ready for family photos in my head is synonymous with “stressed out to the max until the photoshoot is over.” But as soon as we got out of the car and met Stevie, I felt at ease. We all did. She immediately took the time to make a connection with my kids, and because she engaged them, they liked her and wanted to smile for her! She was REALLY cute with them! Thank you Stevie for the beautiful photos and for making family photos more enjoyable!!!”

Oh my what amazing words she wrote, I simply had to share. These are the feelings I hope I can convey with each and every family I interact with. My photography journey started shortly after becoming a mom myself. I feel because I am a mom, I can connect with the children and the families. Motherhood has been amazing for me. I hope to meet you and your family soon so we can connect and capture your moments.

Laura did great styling this session. Clothing is a key element for beautiful, timeless portraits.  It is important to consider what is trendy vs what is ‘your style’ when choosing clothing for family portraits. If you plan to hang the images on your wall I encourage you to take the time to pick clothing pieces that represent you and your family.

Recently I partnered with an amazing stylist that offers complimentary styling for my family photography sessions. She is amazing at what she does. You can find out more by clicking this tab.

As for clothing from this session, you can find these pieces at the following stores:

Mom: top: jcrew        Earrings: jcrew        Skirt: banana republic         Shoes: Ralph Lauren 

Daughter #1:  top: Zara kids         Floral shorts: Zara kids         Socks: Gap kids         Shoes: target

Daughter #2: Gap Kids         Boots: target

Dad: sweater: jcrew         Collared shirt: jcrew         Skinny Tie: Nordstrom         Pants: jcrew Shoes: Steve Madden 

But now its time for the good stuff, its time for you to enjoy these beautiful family pictures captured in Anaheim Hills:


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