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Baby Pictures at Hoag Hospital


I am obsessed with the pretty pictures and beautiful lighting that I capture during the baby pictures session at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. This Fresh 48 session that took place on September 19th was precious. I remember all to clearly all the emotions that come with welcoming your first child into the world. I too had the pleasure of delivering my children at this very hospital, Hoag Memorial in Newport Beach California. But its not about me, its about this sweet family as they share the many ‘firsts’ of their baby girl.

Seeing the looks on their faces made my day. Parenthood is one of the biggest blessings one will ever receive, because though challenging, it is definitely the most rewarding. As parents, we love our kids unconditionally and it is our purest pleasure to see them grow and help them along the way. Days like these remind me that I really love what I do. I enjoy capturing special moments like these, they are absolutely priceless.

This particular session was captured at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Hoag Memorial is known as one of the best hospitals in Southern California. One of the perks of living in California is the constant sunshine… And trust me, we took full advantage of it in this session as you can see. I love opening the windows and letting in the natural sunlight to beam right on the family. I am in love with the way the beautiful natural light shines on the baby’s fresh new skin, it is so perfect. As you can see, the newborn’s skin is still red and rosey as they get used to their new surroundings. During these Fresh 48 hospital sessions, I strive to capture the details as they are not as one would expect them to be. Babies have flaky skin, rosey coloring and dewy eyes- It is all about the ‘FRESHENESS’ of new life. I always make sure to capture small details, such as those little toes- baby toes are so sweet.

As a mom, I often wish I could freeze time and just push pause. Sadly its not possible but through these images hopefully we can take pleasure in looking back and remembering that special moment just as it was. This is why photography has such a special place in my heart. Give the gift of photography to yourself or a loved one today and contact me via email or phone if you have any questions or wish to confirm your spot! To see other Fresh 48 images click here.

Now onto enjoying these beautiful images:

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