Every Photographer’s Christmas Wish List


Photographers are always looking for new gear to take their work to the next level. But I have to be clear and say my personal photography wish list isn’t that long this year, I ALWAYS have something on my list but to be honest I can say I am content on spoiling my little ones this year; This doesn’t mean I CANT dream about my next lens though right? And dream through each of you!

A while back I did a blog on what lens I have and love, you can find that here (hint hint husbands reading this for their loved ones, this list is “must haves” if you ask me)

My favorite lenses Hands down are 70-200mm and 35mm. I love my prime but I LOVE the compression of the 70-200 as well. If shooting with a longer distance prime, my next choice would be my 85mm. I will say 100mm macro is lovely for the newborn sessions too.

Wish List lenses are Sigma Art Lens both 35 and 50 are DREAMY!! I do drool over the idea of selling my 50 and switching. Don’t be surprised if 2015 brings this change. Shhhh don’t tell my husband. And of course I dream of Canon prime 135mm

Of course I do shoot with Canon equipment so I cannot speak any other ‘language’ when it comes to comparing but if in the market for a camera body, I would advise to purchase my love the Canon 5dmkiii or its smaller sibling the Canon 5dkmii.

For those that have “the gear” but need to invest in lens cleaning, repairs and all thing maintenance related, think no further- I strong stand behind the service of Canon CPS

For those on a budget or price conscious, I have been known to shop the Canon refurbished website looking for the right lens or camera body. Refurbished doesn’t always mean it has been ‘broken or repaired’ sometimes stores over purchase or box is marked or something petty allowing for the retailer to ship back to Canon unopened. Canon still goes through the testing process and your refurbished purchase will still have a standard Canon one year warrant. Here is a link to the refurbished lenses

And if you are looking for that one big ticket purchase here is the **golden grail** of discounts. A year back I found this golden grail, purchased an old camera off craigslist for $5 and shipped in back to Canon for a hefty discount on my 5dkmiii. You can also purchase lenses but be advised there is a limit to how many times you can use this program so uses it wisely for big-ticket purchases.

Well that uncovers a few secrets that I have to share, feel free to email me with any direct questions or comment below. Happy Friday to all!



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