Behind the Scenes | Newborn Head on Hands Pose

Behind the Scenes | Newborn Head on Hands Pose

Do you ever wonder how sweet sleeping newborns hold their head on hands in this perfect pose? Here is a quick ‘behind the scenes’ capture of the process. It is what is called a ‘composite image’ meaning I take multiple shots of the same frame and blend them when editing. This is a safe process and best way to achieve this style portrait of newborns. Often clients or onlookers wonder if the baby is comfortable and to those questions I respond, “yes!”. Newborns have been squished in moms belly for 9 months moving and stretching but overall squished up into a little ball. This particular pose has baby resting on her belly (not resting on her arms as it may look) which is great for gas relief. She is relaxed and settled nicely on my soft beanbag. I have been photographing in the Newborn Head on Hands Pose for 2 years. This is a standard pose in my workflow and always requested by parents prior to booking.

I do giggle often as this ‘pose’ happens to be a dad’s favorite, ALWAYS! Its the capture that dads just can’t leave the studio without. If I look back at clients wish list, its a big request leading into the session and always a favorite after the session when parents decide which images to use for wall portraits and announcements. I love seeing this Newborn Head on Hands Pose on a large canvas above the crib. Curious to know what your favorite pose and capture would be, comment below so I can share more. If interested in seeing more of my newborn portrait work use the contact tab above to get in touch with me for scheduling your newborn session.


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