Squishy Baby Pictures

Oh my heart! Here are the cutest newborn baby photographs. You are changed forever, once you become a mother and tend to look at new life in a whole new way. Babies are just pure joy and so innocent. Get your eyes ready for some cute squishy baby pictures, Enjoy!

Best photos of the year

Changed forever

Every mom can relate to seeing how motherhood forever changes their perspective and outlook forever. As a mom to young children I can agree! Babies bring so much joy to families and one can’t help but smile as they see their little one’s eye light up with pure innocent love.

Seeing one’s own baby for the first time changes a person forever. I recall holding my baby girls for the first time. Its a moment that I want to never forget. I have experienced this joy with long term clients numerous times. Often times, I am honored to be one of the first to meet families new baby before grandparents or other family members. The immediate joy I can sense in the parents is indescribable.

Why I love chubby babies

I choose to capture newborns “in the buff” more often than clothed. I Adore Chubby Babies because they are so cute. It the one time (or one of a few times) that society adores chubbiness, right? I adore the rolls of babies and its only natural to show off the cute rolls. The rounder the better, right?

Our society has shunned overweight kids and adults yet we love chubby babies; a bit interesting right? My kids all had chubby thighs and round bellies their first year of life but they were born teeny tiny, as in just over 5 lb and 7 lb so maybe thats why I adore bigger babies. All babies are just ‘perfect’ yet the more squish the better!

Can’t get enough

As a mom I can’t recall a time I didn’t love the cute legs and arms. Babies generally have such soft skin, those rolls just soak up all the soft skin feel and steal any mama’s heart. Often times we cloth babies in soft outfits covering the cute rolls. I love to celebrate the chubby look and enjoy capturing the squishy rolls when babies are in my studio.

All time favorites

Take a peek

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