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The bond between sisters is hard to top. I had the pleasure of meeting these Orange County sisters shortly after an OC resident submitted their story for a gifted photography session. Their story touched my heart and I have no doubt it will touch yours as-well.

gift of kindness

Maggie and Danny were married in June of 2013. They were eager to start a family of their own but little did they know their path to parenthood would have a unique twist. Maggie was diagnosed with Breast cancer in January of 2015 while they were trying to get pregnant for their first child. The shock of finding out she had breast cancer at such a young age was shocking but the real fear that overtook Maggie was the thought of not having children due to the type of cancer and the chemo she would have to undergo. Because her breast cancer was brought on by hormones, the oncologist told her she wouldn’t be able to carry a child without putting her own life at risk. One of chemo’s side effects is often infertility; and Maggie’s cancer was ER/PR positive, which means it feeds off estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that skyrocket in pregnancy.

breast cancer survivorsurviving breast cancer

Maggie stated, “Finding out I could not get pregnant was more devastating than finding out about the cancer”. Maggie underwent a double mastectomy and chemo shortly after discovering the cancer.

During Maggie’s struggles with this reality her sister Morgan started dreaming of the selfless gift she wanted to present to her sister and brother-in-law of being their surrogate carrier. Morgan having 1 child of her own knew the excitement of what it was like to be a mother and wanted nothing more than to see her sister through this journey to parenthood as well. Morgan has a 9 year old daughter. She stated, “although these babies will be her cousins they will probably grow up like sisters. My sister and I are 13 months apart so we are very close as well.”

Initially Morgan brought up the idea of surrogacy to her sister Maggie while she was undergoing chemo. Once the chemo was over and Maggie’s prognosis looked good, she revisited the idea of surrogacy presented by her sister. Morgan states, “I was over one day visiting and Maggie said to me, “We need to talk to you, Danny and I would like to officially ask you if you would be our surrogate?”

In June of 2016 Morgan, Maggie’s sister got pregnant using Maggie’s eggs and Danny sperm. They implanted 2 embryos and both took! Morgan stated that she wanted to support her sister in any way she could. Williams as seen below is pregnant with twin girls. The excitement for this family is overwhelming.

surrogate pregnancy between sisters

Maggie stated in an article to FitPregnancy  “Planning for the birth of my twin daughters has given me a new outlook on life. Maybe I have gone through all of this to put me right where I am today, knowing that my daughters are safe and healthy, and so am I. My husband and I will forever be indebted to her, and I can’t wait to see her be the best auntie to these little girls.”

The twin girls will be welcomed into the world in just a few short weeks. Their names are: Emery Layne and Deeanna Nicole. Maggie and Danny carefully chose their daughters name using family influenceEmery is Great Grandpa’s middle name

Layne is Great Grandma’s maiden name
Dee is from Great Grandma
Anna is from Grandma
Nicole is Maggie’s middle name
surrogate maternity session surrogate maternity session pictures surrogate maternity session by stevie cruz surrogate maternity pictures session
They will be delivering at PIH Whittier hospital. Morgan states, during delivery she will be surrounded by lots of family and friends. Danny, father to be is 1 of 5 boys and there are two grandsons so far, so these are the first “Paxton Girls”- everyone is excited.

We laughed and chatted briefly at the end of the session as Morgan mumbled that they have already discussed the idea of doing this again so Danny and Maggie can complete their family with 3 babies, a hopeful boy in the future. What a blessing it is for them to have Morgan’s support on their journey to parenthood.

surrogate maternity session with parents During the session you see both Maggie and Morgan wearing a ‘Key Necklace’. The keys are called Giving Keys, you buy them and then if you feel someone needs it more than you you give it to that person. Read the message below, it will bring tears to your eyes. Morgan wore her “Family” Key and Maggie wore her “Courage” Key during the key for family

giving key 'FAMILY' surrogate PICTURES maternity session pictures surrogate maternity session maternity pictures sisters surrogate maternity session sister surrogate maternity picture session sister picture surrogate maternity session in orange county surrogate maternity session orange county surrogate maternity session twin girls

As Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” I think of Morgan reading this message. Its true each of us can do something for someone else. No matter how insignificant you feel the gesture the gift of kindness always overpowers hate.

The sisterly bond will forever be strong between Maggie and Morgan.

For many women and men, conceiving a child is life’s miracle that brings immense joy and pride, young girls dream of being a mom and growing a baby in their tummy. As a mom I know firsthand what the gift of life can bring to women. If you are an Orange County resident and interested in learning more about surrogacy, check out this article by Parenting OC.

It was a true honor to photography this incredible surrogacy story and I look forward to capturing the sweet baby girls at their newborn photo session in a few weeks. To schedule an upcoming maternity or newborn session, click the contact button to get in touch or call 714- 653 -2357


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