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WEALLSTARTSOMEWHERE Best_Orange_County_Pictures_by_Stevie_Cruz_Photography_1165aSCP03537We all start somewhere, right? Learning to see your weakness (or lack of skill) and acknowledge it is very important to me. This is where growth comes in! I write this to inspire others. I am passionate about life AND photography. When people see my work they are often surprised to learn that I have only been “Professionally Shooting” for a little over 3 years. Before that, it was all candid shots of only my kids, yes that’s right my kids are my models!

I love photography and to this end I have tried to try and perfect my understanding of the camera, light, and balance of what makes for great images. Although I have so much more to learn about my craft, I believe that I can attribute how far I have gone to several factors. First, I study the industry as a whole (areas to shoot, lens to buy, finding the camera that’s right for me, marketing to my perspective clients etc), Second I seek out professional photographers to learn from and finally, I attend photography workshops.

All three have influenced my learning tremendously, but today I will talk about the importance of striving to grow and learn. Practice, patience, attention to detail and attending workshops are a valuable asset for photographers new and seasoned. It’s good to be a self-taught photographer but it’s even better to be able to draw on inspiration and the teachings of others.

Below are images from my recent client sessions so you too can enjoy how far I have come on this journey in a short time. I have seen my style change and grow from bright rich colors to more neutral soft tones for my newborns. This journey is amazing and I love every minute of it.

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Photography Workshop vs. Learning on your own

There are several benefits of attending workshops compared to reading or watching a tutorial online:

In person experience (Small group workshops or 1:1 Mentoring is Critical) With an experienced instructor you can ask questions and pick their brain. They will look over your shoulder as you work and offer constructive comments and tips.

They will also take time to review your work and provide you with ongoing feedback. You are immersed in the whole process. Distractions are minimized and you can really just concentrate in photography and learning. It is definitely an accelerated learning process.

You can build your network with other photographers and build lasting friendships as part of the process Attending a workshop is a valuable way for photographers to accelerate their learning of their craft.

Not all workshops are created equal, however, so before you spend your money, be sure to do a little bit of research on both the instructors and the workshop itself.

How to Select the Workshop for You There are several things you should think about and look for when selecting a workshop. Start by thinking what you want to get from the workshop.  Are you primarily interested in a new and exciting location?  Do you want to grow as a photographer?  Are there specific skills you want to work on?  Is there a photographer whose work you particularly admire?  All of these factors are things you should consider when you start looking for a workshop.

Things to consider when choosing a workshop:

  • Location
  • Time of Year
  • Personal Attention
  • Reviews
  • Reputation of the Photographer
  • Cost

If you are interested in learning more about the photography workshops I teach, please hit the contact tab above.

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