Your Camera Takes Good Pictures // Truth to Making my Camera Work for me!

A friend of a friend just pointed this out in a conversation we were all having about how the ‘camera takes great pictures’. Yes there are some great pictures that can come from your iPhone and digital cameras but it takes more than aim to achieve the image you want. I will say it has been a journey for me to learn my camera and know how to operate it so it will capture the framed shot I am looking to take. I do not take pictures and simply ‘upload them to your gallery’ rather I fine tune and perfect each image before showing the final gallery to you.

Compare Iphone capture my final image:

My primary goal is to “Shoot More and Edit Less” so that your image editing time is devoted to creative enhancements – not time wasted trying to fix problems. Remember, your camera doesn’t know why you are taking the photo, it doesn’t understand the scene in front of you and doesn’t know which elements are important. That’s where you need to know how to manipulate the camera to ‘see’ what you want it to see. This is where my skills behind the camera come in. Its about making the camera work for me!

This has prompted me to say something. To explain what “getting it right in the camera” means to me; If we are to take the idea of “getting it right in the camera,” we first have to decide what it is we want as a final product. Getting the exposure as good as possible and the composition spot-on: these are always what to strive for ‘in-camera’. I think image manipulation has mainly gotten a bad rap due to the over processing of models in magazines and advertising but I know that I would have some very upset portrait clients if I failed to remove acne from their prints. Retouching is a very important part of photography and something people have come to expect.

“Getting it right in the camera” for me means getting the best technical picture in the camera for the concept that I want to produce in the end. To me “straight out of the camera” is just the beginning. It is just part of the process. It is important but so is the manipulation of natural or artificial light before the shot and the adjustment of pixels after the shot. As a professional, I use all of the tools at my disposal to the best of my ability to make sure I get the result I want. And the result I want is a happy client.

You will see images below showing the back of my camera vs. the final image. I will touch up each and every image I present to clients. By touch up I mean slightly sharpen fine details I want to stand out, remove acne or distracting objects, tweak the temperature, add some color pop and sometimes modify the crop of the image. No image is PERFECT straight from my camera but my goal is to achieve the framed shot and lighting I envision to represent my final product.



I would love to hear what your thoughts are for this concept of camera to final edit results

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