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Keeping kids busy is a full-time job! As a mom of 3 its fun to find kids activities that are inexpensive, longer “timeline” and entertaining. A close friend, Meagan Ready suggested we order caterpillars from Insect Lore as one of our kids activities for Spring break.
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About 2 weeks ago, we received the tiny caterpillars. Over time they grew and grew so much bigger than their initial size! All 3 of course my children where extremely excited the caterpillars. Overtime we saw the caterpillars spin webbing.  The webbing protects the caterpillars from many dangers. We waited about 5 days before the first 2-3 caterpillars crawled to the top of the cup and began  to become chrysalides. This was the second step to the kids activities.

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The butterflies emerged rather quicker than we expected. Maybe 7-10 days of waiting between the chrysalis stage and the emerging butterfly. Butterflies emerged one by one and the children were even able to watch one hatch! As all of the caterpillars hatched we let them go slowly not wanting to say goodbye.
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Of I as mom, had to capture the states of this kids activity. What a fun kids activities it was, I highly suggest this to other families with young kids. Next insect on our list are ladybugs. We will be ordering them very soon!

family photographer Riverside family photography OC family photography orange county irvine family photograher irvine family professional photographer This has been one of my favorite kids activities in Orange County to do with my children. What do you love doing that is unique?

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