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Many have emailed me asking what Camera Calibration program I use. I figure the best way to answer everyone is through this format. I am a canon girl who loves tack sharp images. Yes, sharp lashes are my jam! If you know my work you will understand my perfection as I tend to shoot till its exactly what I envision. That being said from time to time I find that my lenses become ‘soft’ and need to be tuned up.

I use to spend time driving to Canon and having them service my calibration but you may guess thats A- Time consuming and B- Costs $$$. So the alternative is to micro calibrate your own camera + lenses. How you ask? Using a program called FoCal. You can purchase and download this software by clicking Reikan. The software does everything…. it verbally announces to you what to do and bam its done! Can you imagine? I have included a few screen grabs of my experience with the program. Now I will tell you I’m still new to the software but as new as I am its still super simple. Heck if I can master it, so can you. Camera Calibration is simple!

First step buy the Camera Calibration program, its a yearly subscription. Second download the Target for camera calibration by using this link. Third plug the camera to the computer using the USB cable in a well lit room and begin the Camera Calibration test. Wait for the verbal prompts. Then 2 minutes later you are done. You may calibrate up to 15 lenses and 15 camera bodies from my understanding. That simple!! Now are you ready to do some Camera Calibration?

Camera Calibration This is the simple software interface that you will use. Simply connect your camera using a USB cord to run the Camera Calibration.Camera Calibration software Screen grab of the “Before Camera Calibration” and “After Camera Calibration” Do you notice how much clearer the results are??

Camera Calibration target calibration example And of-course the history window showing you each time you test the lens. You can test the same lens on multiple bodies and have the camera body recall the setting specific to your lens. Each lens will vary. Its best to test all your lenses if you are having trouble with soft focus. 

Well thats all I have for the Camera Calibration info. Leave any questions in the comments below if you want me to follow up further. Hope this helps! – Stevie Cruz

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