Twin Girl Baby Pictures

Twin Girl Baby Pictures are just one of the highlights I was able to enjoy sharing with Maggie and Morgan, sisters who shared a journey to motherhood unlike other new mothers. You can find out more about their surrogate maternity story which I had the pleasure of capturing earlier this year. These girls Deeanna and Emery are just too cute. One has a feisty personality and the other is relaxed and calm. I can’t wait to see these beauties grow up and form a wonderful sister bond between themselves.


Can you see their similarities and differences?

twin baby girl pictures girl twin pictures baby girl pictures oc newborn pictures baby girl pics girl baby picturesLeading into the session I was anxious to capture the perfect images for new mama Maggie and new daddy Danny. I hope I lived up to their vision. I left them with a few questions to give me feedback about the session and these are the responses they shared. I hope new moms read this with excitement and ease leading into their newborn delivery and photography session.


-Were you excited, nervous or apprehensive for your session?

I was so excited about the session. After seeing Stevie’s work, I knew she would capture amazing pictures of my daughters. Because We got to experience the maternity shoot with Stevie and witness her talent and then see the product, I was anxious to see how creative she was going to be with the twins.


-Did you feel relaxed during your sessions? Yes. Very much, I felt very relaxed. I felt confident in Stevie and Kelly that they knew how to handle the girls. We turned on the Apple TV and I even laid on the couch and closed my eyes for a little bit.

-Did Stevie have a variety of props etc ? Yes – she had a couple different areas set up that she was going to use to get different poses. She also had several outfits to change the girls in. That is nice because it will give a variety of different poses and different outfits. We trusted her input on what to use. And from what we have seen so far, trusting her decision on what props to use was the best decision to make.


-How did you feel after the session ? I felt wonderful after the session. I was so excited to see the pictures. I also left there just in awe of Stevie and her work. The way that she works with babies is just amazing, She is so patient and knows exactly what to do to get the pictures she wants. Amazing and like I didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait to see how she captured the twins in just their innocence and that we get to have this moment for the rest of our lives. I just can’t say enough good things about her. She’s absolutely wonderful!!!

-Were your newborn prep notes on par?

Yes. She made us feel like we were home and that we weren’t in her way. It was pretty awesome to watch her and her assistant work as a team and how they do what they do to get the shots they needed.

surrogate twin picturesurrogate twin picturessurrogate twin baby picturessurrogate baby twin picturesbaby surrogate twin picturesBeing a new mom can easily be overwhelming with one baby. Put 2, twins in the mix I envision it to be even more rewarding and overwhelming all in one. Im thrilled Maggie has her sister Morgan to lean on for support and guidance as a big sister. These girls are going to be loved by so many. I am thrilled to have met these 4 women and can’t wait to see their personalities blossom in the coming months. morgan surrogate twin carrier maggie paxton surrogate twin pictures sister surrogate twin pictures If you are expecting and want to schedule a consultation to visit the studio please call or email us We are honored to celebrate new babies each week in our studio. <3


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