Surrogate – Sister helps Sister – Breast Cancer Survivor

Are you familiar with Surrogate Pregnancy? or this SPECIAL story? I am blessed to be part of this families photography journey since January of 2017 when I met Morgan and Maggie. They are sisters that have both endured cancer struggles and survived. Maggie has been blessed by her sister Morgan to carry all 3 of her children via Surrogacy- You can see more about their story here – Sister helps Sister who Survived Breast Cancer when I captured their Maternity session back in 2017. Morgan was then carrying the twin girls.

Fast forward to February 2017 and we were part of a great news story about the unique experience, you can see the coverage here. I am humbled and excited to be a part of their story. I wrote about their special maternity session , you don’t want to miss the images captured at the maternity session. Shortly after the session, we had the chance to share their story further with the local new channels which propelled the story nationally. You can catch the interview at Stevie Cruz Photography studio by clicking this link with KTLA News. Kacey Montoya and her team did a great job of highlighting the special bond of these two sisters.

Paxton’s sister, 33-year-old Morgan Williams, said she wanted to be the couple’s surrogate.  “I wanted it to be me, selfishly,” Williams said. “As an older sister, I want to protect her, but I can’t protect her from cancer. So I kind of just stepped up and was like, ‘OK, if this is what I can do, then I will do it.'”

End of February 2017, the Surrogate pregnancy came to a close (but not for long) for Morgan with the twin girls. Here is their newborn session at our studio back in 2017. However life has yet again been created and brought into our Anaheim Hills studio to capture this amazing Surrogate Pregnancy Family. Baby Jacob’s newborn pictures were captured in studio by Stevie Cruz Photography on October 13th. He is well loved by this family. Surrogate Pregnancy – Sister helps Sister who Survived Breast Cancer

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